7 de septiembre de 2014

Mini Teddy Bear. Pattern in English

This is a translation of the Mini teddy bear pattern.

I apologize for any misunderstanding in translation. I hope to improve my English! Meanwhile, I appreciate any corrections ;)

Let's get started!

Begin with snout and head. Stuff firmly. Arms do not need to stuff too much.

Tail does not need to be stuffed

Stuff the foot firmly and the rest of the leg slightly so you can later sew the legs easily to the body and sit the bear down.


Embroider a nose. Place safety eyes and sew them to the head. For getting face expresion, you may want to embroider eye lashes, eyebrows or apply some eye shadow. Some "needle sculpting" is a good option too. 

Once you are happy with the face, place and sew ears. 

Attach head and legs to the body. Attach arms and tail.

Use leftovers of fabric yarn to make a scarf.

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1 comentario:

  1. I made this today. There is a picture of it here. Thank you for the pattern! He's adorable.


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